Real-time alerts and daily digests

Receive real-time alerts and daily digests delivered straight to your inbox, insuring you’re up-to-date on the latest industry, competitor, and company news that matters. Pick the right media monitoring plan for you!

Track competitors, products, technologies, therapeutic classes, disease areas, mechanisms-of-action, and drug targets news in all its forms: patents, trials, research papers, discussion boards, PubMed, social media, and yes, traditional media too.

Reportable’s Life Science Monitoring grows with your company, making it easy to focus on life science, not life science news. Monitoring services scale from small monthly DIY solutions to three-times-a-day digests and alerts trusted by a major COVID-19 vaccine developer.

Deep-insight analytics track media and conversation over time, providing share of voice, sentiment analysis, online readership, competitor insight, and everything else needed to understand and demonstrate your news and media landscape.

Picking the right media monitoring plan for your use case will ensure you get the most out of our services. Take a look at the chart below and match your needs and budget to either the starter plan, basic plan, or team plan. To get pricing and service information on our bespoke human curated monitoring option, hit the ‘request demo’ button. These plans are built to your needs exactly, so let’s chat about what you need, when you need it.


Why do I need media monitoring?
The simple answer is: you don’t. Just like you don’t need investors, top talent, an innovative product pipeline, or anything else that makes running a successful operation easier and more effective.

But your industry, competitors, regulators, investors, prospective talent, and future stakeholders are all in the news, on social sites, publishing findings, and watching what everyone else is doing. That intel is out there, so we like to think the better question is:

How do I get the media monitoring I need?

How do I know what kind of media monitoring I need?
Our monitoring solutions scale to fit your needs. If you don’t have much in the way of a communications process in place, our Basic Plan is a great place to start — it’ll help you get familiar with your industry news landscape, and provide exactly the kind of intel you need.

Have you built a communications team, but need monitoring and alerts to make the most of your resources? The Team Plan is exactly what you’re looking for.

If you’re a multinational looking to take advantage of our custom, human curated options, it’s better for us to have a quick chat. Your needs are unique to you, and we don’t hope to anticipate them on an FAQ page (that being said, whatever they are — we can meet them). Get in touch with us at the top of the page!

I’ve used Reportable in the past, but for press releases and newsrooms. Can I still put out multimedia releases and post them to my newsrooms?
Yup. We’d say nothing has changed, but that’d be wrong, as we’re constantly updating our services according to client needs and the latest tech. But the multimedia press releases and newsrooms reporters and investors love are still available — they’re just on another part of our website!