Reportable Newsroom

Automate Your Newsroom

The power to package content for journalists with just a few key strokes.

Take Control

Build your newsroom the way you want. Journalists, customers, and investors deserve a dedicated page showcasing your announcements, news coverage, images, videos, leadership bios and more.

It’s easy to control what appears on your newsroom from your Reportable account. With a little copying and pasting, your Reportable newsroom comes to life, looking like it’s completely integrated with your organization’s website.

Features include

  • Auto-posting of news releases
  • Feed of select media coverage
  • Intuitive interface to customize the design
  • Customizable fields: media and video gallery, downloadable file (i.e. company fact sheet), call-to-action button, events display, bios & headshots and more.

Newsrooms can be embedded into your corporate website to provide a seamless appearance for reporters, investors and customers.

PHIZZLE Newsroom

Simple Pricing

Non-profit or seed-stage organization?

Let’s talk. You may qualify for a complimentary or start-up offer.

Have specific integration needs?

Contact us to learn how cost-effective it is to get a branded and automated newsroom that saves you money, time and hassle.

No web team needed

Go live in the time it takes to upload a few files and images. It’s an efficient way to provide up-to-date resources to reporters, and easy to customize (without waiting OR paying for web designers).

Get your integration on

It literally takes a minute (as in the proper use of the term-literally) to add your newsroom to your site. Want to track web traffic? Quickly add your Google Analytics code to understand your audience.