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Collect your announcements and coverage in a single newsroom on your website. The familiar format of our plug-and-play newsrooms means once you’ve put together a press release, you’re ready to fill out your one-stop-shop for reporters, investors, and stakeholders alike. And don’t duplicate your efforts: once your release is published, it’ll automatically be added to your newsroom instantly!

Are your releases getting the attention they deserve?

More Coverage
More Coverage

Stand out by giving media what they need to cover your story

Reach Reporters
Reach your audiences

Share your news where your investors, reporters, and stakeholders can experience it

Get Shared
Announcements you can share

Pack executive bios, investor presentations, videos & images, key takeaways, and more into your release

Gain Insight
Get valuable insight

Track audiences and interaction in meaningful ways beyond just the vanity metrics

How news is reported on has changed since the first text-only press release was issued in 1906. So is how we consume our news. That’s why we’ve made it easy to issue multimedia press releases and host them in user-friendly newsrooms: reach your audience where they are.

Rife with digital assets like images, videos, executive headshots & bios, investor slideshows, and anything else relating to your news, your releases and website newsroom can make it easy to consume, share, and report on the big announcement.

With major endpoints you’re used to on traditional wire services, just with assets friendly to a generation of readers and reporters used to images, videos, and bold calls to action.

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Simple Pricing for Companies and Agencies

Additional add on services for our Single and Concierge Releases:

  • Concierge service: $250
  • Enhanced “Wire”: $135
  • Enhanced “Wire” Europe: $200
  • AI-Powered Insta Media Targets: $349