About Reportable News

This is who we are

Reportable News builds and offers communications tools for the digital age. Three products are integrated into a single software.

Reportable Releases are multimedia, interactive announcements which include a premier media targeting database, email tracking and advanced web traffic analytics.

Reportable Newsrooms is a plug and play online newsroom.

Reportable Incyte is a media monitoring and analytics service that combines the latest monitoring technology with industry-focused analysts.

Our Inspiration

Reportable was developed to modernize the dated corporate disclosure industry. For decades this industry has been controlled by an oligopoly of wire services. The oligopoly continues to prey upon fear and false promises of overhyped distribution to charge exorbitant fees (typically on a per-word basis) for static, text-heavy releases while provide meaningless vanity analytics. Conversely, Reportable aims to democratize corporate disclosure by putting communications teams in control and giving them tools to modernize disclosure and news intelligence. Along the way, we received and put to work ideas and feature requests from hundreds of communications professionals for how to improve communications tools and services.

Our Structure

Reportable was founded in 2016 in collaboration with Tanooki Labs in New York. The first product sales began in 2018 and have been growing since, without outside funding. The Company is a C Corp registered in the state of Delaware and based outside Boston, MA with operations in New York, NY and Ottawa, ON.

Our Founders

Tom Baker, Co-founder

Tom Baker, Co-founder

Tom spent 18 years working in corporate communications and investor relations for biotech and medical device companies. He’s a dad, husband, ocean lover and, a chemistry graduate from UCSD some time ago.

Eric SKiff

Eric SKiff, Co-founder

Tanooki Labs Co-Founder, Eric is an alum of Drop.io, Amplify and AOL’s product incubator QLabs. Since co-founding Tanooki Labs, Eric has focused on helping entrepreneurs build their business as well as their products. As the Tanooki resident hardware hacker Eric is also a co-founder of NYC Resistor, the Brooklyn hackerspace.